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+420 226 886 248
+420 226 886 248
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Support and Services
We understand that just selling the product is not everything. Therefore we provide a wide spectrum of services to take care of our customers.
Installation, training, regular maintenance... You name it.
Even requirements could sometimes be more complex than available solutions, which is not an issue with Sphera Group s.r.o. We customize our devices according to your wishes to help you avoid wearing difficulities.
Installation and Commissioning
We assemble and install your laboratory equipment professionally and put it into operation in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and applicable standards and guidelines.
User training by our qualified specialists from operation and applications up to the regular maintenance. We also perform training for your new employees.
Regular maintenance
For most devices, regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's specifications is recommended. We perform this service according to the specification. Special requirements and test procedures can of course be integrated.
Customized solutions
Are your requirements more extensive than the available solutions? We modify devices according to your wishes.
Re-calibration service
Analytical instruments and other devices require re-calibration according to specific standards. We perform this service on regular bases including reminders and scheduling procedures.
GMP Validations (IQ | OQ | PQ)
Particularly high standards regarding service and maintenance apply when working according to GMP. We validate or re-validate your instruments according to the respective, individual specifications and we provide the users with all the necessary documents.
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